Treatments: Exercise and Rehabilitation

Becoming pain free is the first step.
At The Osteopathic Centre we strive to help you attain a level of wellness and strength beyond your pre-injury state. Injury is caused by exposed vulnerabilities in the body. These can be strengthened by learning new movement patterns that prevent injury from reoccurring.

We have a strong ethos of exercise and ergonomics that address the lifestyle factors which have contributed to exacerbating the presenting problem. All our Osteopaths are fully qualified in the assessment and prescription of exercise. Knowing the precise anatomy and physiology we are able to target the exact weakness and guide you to specific home-based exercises. Our exercise schedules are personally geared to you – your injury and your ability to engage in exercise. We strive for rapid, permanent results and to empower you to take control in a supportive, friendly environment.

This holistic approach for health and fitness, even better than your pre injury state, inspired the opening of our rehabilitation exercise studio: Feel Great – Health & Wellbeing offering the regular practice of Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi for recovery and optimal wellbeing.

We look forward to showing you just how great it is possible to feel…