Medicare and Osteopathy

Medicare and Osteopathy

Osteopathy and Medicare.
Increasingly more of you are asking if you can claim a Medicare rebate for Osteopathic treatment. Medicare has in place a Chronic Disease Management plan which enables clients to claim a Medicare rebate for osteopathic treatment – amongst other therapies.

The Chronic Disease Management program enables GP’s to utilise the skills of many therapies and therapists to provide a structured approach with the GP co-ordinating the care of the clients. Research indicates that this integrated approach to chronic diseases is one of the most effective avenues to long term results. This is a collaborative approach recognising that often, no one therapy will have all the answers. .

As one would expect there are eligibility criteria to claim this service from Medicare and the assessment of eligibility is conducted by your GP. The program allows for you to request the Practitioner of your choice. Effectively, the program is aimed at assisting people with a chronic medical condition (one that has been, or is likely to be, present for 6 months or longer) and can include musculo-skeletal conditions.

In the last six months we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of GP referrals based on this CDM program. We are pleased to be able to offer our services and work as part of a co-ordinated healthcare team and delighted to see excellent outcomes for our clients.

If you feel you would qualify for the CDM program you can discuss your options with your Osteopath or your GP.

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