Massage Therapy Hornsby

Massage Therapy in HornsbyMassage Therapy encompasses the many forms of massage that can lead to relief from pain and aches, a feeling of ease and comfort and to restoration of normal physical function. Whether you seek massage therapy for aches and pains or for general relaxation our skilled, professional Massage Therapists are the perfect choice.


Forms of Massage Therapy in Hornsby

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is massage that aims to restore normal function to the body and eases the aches and pains associated with abnormal movements, stress, fatigue or overwork. Remedial Massage encompasses many different techniques and levels of pressure (firm or gentle) with it's primary objective being to achieve a feeling of calm, balance and freedom - essentially remedying the situation. Remedial Massage can ease muscle aches and pains but may also improve blood flow, reduce fatigue, promote healing and restore balance. It will leave you feeling light, free and rejuvenated.


Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a highly skilled form of Massage Therapy. Whilst Sports Massage Therapists can comfortably provide Remedial Massage they have honed their anatomical knowledge and technical skills to precisely identify areas of weakness or imbalance in the body. They use a wide variety of skills and techniques to restore normality to the physical workings of the body and to assist in reaching optimal function and performance. Our Sports Massage Therapists are all actively involved in supporting high level professional sports men and women as well as offering their services at The Osteopathic Centre. 


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a wonderful, joyous time in your life. It is also a time of tremendous change - your body modifies and adapts to give your baby the best start in life. All this, unfortunately, may lead to feelings of pain, discomfort, imbalance and fatigue for you. We offer a highly specialised Pregnancy Massage Service where our therapists have pursued considerable extra training to understand the complex intricacies of this special time.  This specialised training enables them to provide you with a safe, effective and targetted massage to address the imbalances that can lead to your feeling dis-stressed - physically, emotionally and mentally.