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Osteopathy Special Offer

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At The Osteopathic Centre we understand that you are looking for rapid, permanent pain relief. Following detailed analysis and comprehensive examination we aim to give fast, lasting reduction of your pain. However, it's not just about pain - we identify and address the underlying reasons for your pain reducing your vulnerability to further pain and strengthening your weaknesses to keep you well.

We believe that there are 3 primary objectives from receiving treatment :

  • Reducing your pain.
  • Resolving the underlying weaknesses
  • Teaching you how to stay well.

We have a reputation for providing lasting relief and long-term resolution of body aches and pains without the need for you to come back week in and week out for perpetuity.

Our Introductory Offer gives you the opportunity to experience the high level of service, skill and professionalism you expect from The Osteopathic Centre, and to understand the causes and remedies for your pain.Take the first step to being rid of your pain by calling now or booking online.

*To redeem this offer you must mention "Introductory Offer" at the time of booking. If booking online please type "Introductory Offer" in the notes section of the booking form. Failure to do so will result in the full fee being charged.